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Best Game Development Companies in Washington 2022

Last updated Apr 11, 2023

Best Game Development Companies in Washington 2022

The number of quality game development companies in Washington USA is increasing hand-in-hand with the popularity of the gaming industry. There are millions of people who love to play games for leisure time. As per the reports of business insiders, the people of Washington and Seattle area are spending almost 10 billion dollars on playing games.

The game developers in Washington are contributing and pushing the boundaries of the innovative gaming industry. These companies use the latest technology to develop high-quality and fun games that worldwide players appreciate.

List of Game Companies in Washington | Best Game Developers in Washington USA

  • Bungie Inc

    1.Bungie Inc

    Bungie Inc is a renowned American video game development company. It believes in creating worlds full of hopes, which motivates the players to lead a positive life. However, from its beginning, only the company started to develop exciting projects, which comes in the loss of the gaming industry's most appreciated franchises like Halo, Destiny, Myth and Marathon. Currently, Bungie focuses on creating the following most innovative publication in the destiny world and new worlds.

    Foundation 1991
    Headquarters Bellevue, WA
    Number of Employees 501-1000
    Hourly Rate $100 - $149/hr

  • Microsoft Corporation

    2.Microsoft Corporation

    Microsoft Corporation is the largest software maker company in the world. This company is not only famous for creating software products, anyhow it is also famous for creating the hardware products like the Xbox series of video game consoles. The gamers love to play their video games as they are innovative, fun, and thrilling. Some of the best-selling games of Microsoft are Minecraft, Forza horizon series, Age of empires, Roblox and treasure hunt. There are millions of fans of Microsoft games in the whole world.

    Foundation 1975
    Headquarters Redmond, Washington, US
    Number of Employees 10000+

  • PopCap Games

    3.PopCap Games

    PopCap Gaming company is one of the award-winning game development companies in the USA. Bejewelled, Zuma, Peggle, Plants vs Zombies and Insaniquarium are high quality and captivating games which add more value to the company's portfolio. The company emphasizes creating irresistible games which everybody will adore. PopCap have created more than 50 games, and their games are getting significant attention in the gaming industry.

    Foundation 2000
    Headquarters Seattle, Washington
    Number of Employees 51-200

  • Unity Technologies

    4.Unity Technologies

    Unity is the best-known platform for generating and functioning real-time 3D content. The company is helping the creators by providing them with a different software solution for creating and monetizing the interactive, real-time 3 D content for laptops, tablets, PCs, consoles and mobile phones. In 2021, the applications of Unity Technologies were downloaded five billion times every month.

    Foundation 2004
    Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
    Number of Employees 5001-10000

  • Big Fish Games

    5.Big Fish Games

    Big Fish Games have more than 20 years of experience in game development. It is a leading company have created major gaming categories of the world such as Free to play, social casino and premium paid. The games developed by this company are very innovative, fun, thrilling, high quality. Millions of people play them all across the world.

    Foundation 2002
    Headquarters Seattle, Washington
    Number of Employees 500-1000

  • IllFonic


    IllFonic is a world-famous independent video game developing company known for its creation on Friday the 13th: The Game and Predator: Hunting Grounds. The experts of this company have contributed a lot to the growth of the gaming industry. They believe in creating video games that give gamers unique and astounding experiences.

    Foundation 2007
    Headquarters Golden, Colorado
    Number of Employees 11-50

  • Niantic


    Niantic Inc is a game development studio located in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2010, the company is best known for its work on mobile games such as "Pokemon Go" and "Ingress." However, Niantic's primary focus is on developing Augmented Reality (AR) games. The company's AR platform, "Real World Platform," allows players to interact with the real world through their smartphones or tablet. For example, in "Pokemon Go," players can catch virtual Pokemon that appear in the real world. Niantic's AR games are designed to encourage people to get outside and explore their surroundings. In addition to game development, the company also conducts research on the use of AR technology for other applications, such as urban planning and education.

    Foundation 2010
    Headquarters San Francisco, CA
    Number of Employees 501-1000

  • Bossa Studios

    8.Bossa Studios

    Another award-winning independent games developer and publisher is Bossa Studios. We can easily see this gaming company's creativity, charm, and work ethic from their highly admired games Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread. It is a leading company that is ambitious to redefine the genre by using the user-generated content labelled as the world's foremost community-crafted MMO. the team of this company believe in understanding and embracing the innovative technology to create mind-blowing projects in the gaming industry.

    Foundation 2010
    Headquarters London, UK
    Number of Employees 51-200

  • AccelByte


    AccelByte is a world-leading online game development company that helps game developers build AAA video games. It aims in providing accessible, high-quality tools and gaming platform technology to the creators so that they can create world-class online games. Furthermore, this company offers the inclusive white-label backend to the game designers that help them in enabling cross-platform play and evolution.

    Foundation 2016
    Headquarters Seattle, Washington
    Number of Employees 51-200

  • ArenaNet


    ArenaNet is a leading international studio that makes innovative, creative, passionate and excellent games. This company is behind The Guild Wars 2, one of the best MMOs of all time, and it has sold more than 3 million copies of this game. They offer gaming developers fresh and innovative ideas, high-end gameplay, and tools. The company is currently focusing on unlocking the actual potential of online roleplaying by introducing game-changing titles like Guild wars 2.

    Foundation 2000
    Headquarters Bellevue, WA
    Number of Employees 201-500

  • Amazon Game Studios

    11.Amazon Game Studios

    Amazon Game Studios is a thriving game development studio that believes in developing creative vision, fun products, high-quality games and content. Currently, the company is actively participating in developing the collection of original IP and high ambition games which makes a good place in the heart of gamers. With the help of Twitch, Amazon Retail, Prime Video, Prime Gaming and Game growth, the company is creating an implausible sandbox for connecting the players and game developers.

    Foundation 2012
    Headquarters Seattle, Washington
    Number of Employees 1001-5000

  • Edge Systems Technologies

    12.Edge Systems Technologies

    Edge Systems Technologies is a famous software company that issuer of unidentified products and services. This company have done so many unique projects which are well appreciated by gamers all over the world. For example, the famous game Football genius was created by this company. It is a mobile game that allows the gamers in guessing the results of the real-time plays, and in return, they get cash rewards. They focus on creating engaging content which is easily accessible to the gamers.

    Foundation 2015
    Headquarters Washington, US
    Number of Employees 1-10

  • Micro coaching

    13.Micro coaching

    Micro coaching is a recognized video game coaching platform that intends in helping gamers to improve their gaming skills. They do this by connecting the players to real-time experts who give them solutions and advice for tackling difficult situations. In addition, this platform offers on-demand chatting and gaming services to the gamers where they can discuss their problems get advice from experts to rank higher, improve and win the games.

    Foundation 2016
    Headquarters Washington, DC, US
    Number of Employees 1-10

  • Polygon


    Polygon is a thriving American video game website known for publishing blogs, guides, videos, news and reviews. This company's emphasis is converging on the stories of the individuals behind the games, making it different from the competitors. The technology used in creating this website is the high end, which helps deliver fast and comprehensive news, reviews, and feature stories. It has been doing partnerships with Vox Media from the beginning.

    Foundation 2012
    Headquarters Washington, USA
    Number of Employees 11-50

  • Atheris Entertainment

    15.Atheris Entertainment

    Atheris Entertainment is a game development company that create innovative car and board games. The games of this company are getting good responses from the audience. This company's gaming platform mainly concentrates on creating tabletop games like mutant crops and cul-de-sac conquest, which gives joy to the people. They believe in providing everlasting experience to the players by offering them high quality, enjoyable and thrilling games.

    Foundation 2014
    Headquarters Washington, US
    Number of Employees 2-10

  • MetaArcade


    MetaArcade is a prodigious independent gaming production company in the USA. The company focuses on creating interactive fiction ventures for mobile devices. They released the Tunnels and Trolls Adventures game, similar to the tabletop game. This game won the best mobile MMO award in the year 2016. The company is bringing fictional content to the gaming industry, which people admire.

    Foundation 2016
    Headquarters Mercer Island, Washington, USA
    Number of Employees 12+

  • ZeniMax Media Inc

    17.ZeniMax Media Inc

    ZeniMax is a reputed publisher of original interactive entertainment content for the PC, consoles, and wireless devices. The company have a very long history of success, and its portfolio includes games that have several awards. Moreover, the ZeniMax Media group comprises the most acclaimed development studios worldwide. Some best piece of works of this company includes Fallout, DOOM, QUAKE, RAGE, The Evil Within, Dishonored, The elder scrolls and Enemy Territory.

    Foundation 1999
    Headquarters Rockville, MD
    Number of Employees 1001-5000

  • Valve


    Valve is a well-recognized entertainment software company that got success from its very first title. Half-Life was the debut title of Valve company, and it has won more than 50 games of the year award and was also termed as "Best PC Game Ever". This company has many other award-winning projects like Counterstrike, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Day of defeat. The company has also launched Steam Hardware devices and SteamVR to maximize players' pleasure while playing the games.

    Foundation 1996
    Headquarters Bellevue, WA
    Number of Employees 201-500

  • Oculus


    This company is famous for allowing people to experience world-class VR hardware and software products. They are constantly focusing on VR research, computer vision, innovative technology, and Haptics to bring new concepts and creations to the gaming development industry. As a result, Oculus has created more than a thousand games, apps, and products that this world's players admire.

    Foundation 2012
    Headquarters Menlo Park, CA
    Number of Employees 501-1000

  • Snaapiq


    Snaapiq is a game development company that is well known for creating self-expression as well as themed content. They use gamification fundamentals and instinctive engagement to create content in a game. It is an app that allows creators who tell their stories by making video challenges. These video challenges have a high focus on trending and popular themes, which helps elevate the interest of the consumers.

    Foundation 2014
    Headquarters Washington, US
    Number of Employees 1-10

As of 2022, there are over 300 game studios in Washington state. These studios range in size from large AAA developers to small indie operations. The state is home to some of the most famous names in the game industry, including Microsoft Game Studios, Bungie, and Valve Software. In addition, many leading mobile game developers, such as The NineHertz, Halfbrick Studios, and Supercell, have set up offices in Washington. The state’s favorable tax incentives and highly skilled workforce have made it a magnet for game development companies. As a result, Washington has become one of the world’s premier destinations for video game production.

The University of Washington offers a bachelor’s degree in game design through its Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and create video games. Students learn about game design principles, programming, artificial intelligence, and 3D modeling. The University of Washington’s game design program also emphasizes teamwork and collaboration, as well as creative problem solving. graduates of the program have gone on to work for major game development studios such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.