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With the sheer number of new games coming out, we are already endowed with some excellent games. This list includes our picks for the most enticing games that you should have on your radar. If you want a complete list of all games then we have done the all heavy lifting for you. Find release dates, trailers, and scores for major upcoming and recent videogame releases for all platforms right here!

Top Game Development
  • The Pedestrian
    1.The Pedestrian

    The Pedestrian is one those platformers that amuse players with a distinguishing function and setup. This one brings traffic signals to the forefront and then you realize how the name itself suggests its theme. In this 2D puzzle platformer you have to make it to the exit of each sign, which will then connect to another sign but in a 3D environment. This game has quite a strong selection of puzzles that keep you engaged. While the game doesn’t go a long way, the innovative setting it brings will definitely make your time well-spent.

  • Dead Cells
    2.Dead Cells

    In Dead Cells, you will play the Prisoner and try to get through the episodes of increasingly complex dungeons. Like any rogue-like game, Dead Cells is significantly about trial and error. The game brings an elaborate plot with an exciting world to explore. And if you love Metroidvanias and complicated battles don’t scare you, then there is no way you won’t love Dead Cells.

  • Inside

    Inside is a short and simple game with a side-scrolling fun factor. The story of a dystopian technology mishap breathes life in this play. Of course there are twists and adventures. You will have treats in the face of some easy-peasy puzzles and it’d be delightful to unravel things.

  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
    4.Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

    Hotline Miami 2 breathes life into the pixelated visuals and fleet-footed adventures of the original Hotline Miami game. However, the game ventures toward a new and more interesting quest. You will have thirteen different characters to play the game through. These characters have different power and capabilities with each fueling the overall play to an immersive experience. The game also offers a hard mode and an intuitive editor to create your own stories.

  • Enter the Gungeon
    5.Enter the Gungeon

    Enter the Gungeon brings the gameplay with a bullet hell shooter wrapped inside a rogue-like progression system. When you die in this game, so does everything else except for the rooms. You begin the game on a new note with new enemies and stuff. The aesthetic approach elevates this game and makes you feel like you’re in a retro world.

  • Tormented Souls
    6.Tormented Souls

    A popular indie horror game, follows dark, frightful corridors to make the way through gruesome monsters to ward off. You will also be solving some insane puzzles to get away. Your character, Caroline Walker, is tasked to travel through an abandoned house in search of a couple of girls who have gone missing. The story is rather old-fashioned but that doesn’t make it any less incredible.

  • Art of Rally
    7.Art of Rally

    How about a rally game surfacing to the muddy muddy motor racing? Art of Rally counts among the top indie games for its distinctive rally game style. The task to get to the destination in the fastest way with decent visuals adds to a different panache in the game. Then comes the sandbox travels that amplify the action. Overall, you are going to have one hell of a ride playing this game.

  • Among Us
    8.Among Us

    If you are a gaming zealot, you might have your heart and mind already succumbed to this game. Among Us is one of the biggest indie games for PS5 and PS4. It can be played as an imposter who must trounce as many competitors as possible. You can also play it in a team to get away with annihilating in a rather cool-headed mood. This ingenious game makes for an amazing clan playtime option.

  • Call of the Sea
    9.Call of the Sea

    Call of the Sea is a fabulous, first-person adventure game where you will find yourself playing the character named Norah. You are tasked to uncover the mystery of her husband's abrupt disappearance and her illness. The game encompasses the journey to a peculiar island filled with puzzles to solve within the six chapters of the game. With a story that keeps you hooked, the game will also introduce some of the best conundrums and a marvelous setting.

  • Knockout City
    10.Knockout City

    Originally developed for the PS4, Knockout City brings a blend of retro-future aesthetic and multiplayer battles. Your goal is to make sure that you successfully lob the balls in the direction of your opponents. As you play more, things get frantic and you finally know how classic this game is. We won’t say that you can easily master it since each ball is going to possess different functions learning which can take time. But this classic arcade game is worth every shot.

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